The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners In 2021 – Make decent cash flow At least $10K a month

If you’re here, you know that affiliate marketing is an incredible way to boost a blog’s income. However not all affiliate programs are the same and the differences can impact revenue drastically. In this article, we will explore the best affiliate programs for bloggers based on revenue & popularity.

I see many people who are very good at affiliate marketing but are just making a few thousand bucks a month from it.

One of my friends has great skills, works a lot, creates a ton of valuable content, and ends up making only $4,000 a month.

That sucking hurts!

I took some time to figure out what the problem was. Within a second, I realized that he had participated in the wrong affiliate programs.

So, in the guide, I’m going to tell you the top highest paying affiliate programs that you can participate in, promote the products and make decent cash flow [At least $10K a month].

Most of the companies and brands have affiliate programs now. 81% of companies rely on affiliate marketing. There are various programs that fall into different categories.

The catch is…they all show up to offer high commissions and are making the majority of the money on the back-end for such a ridiculous hard work of publishers.

What are Affiliates?

In short, being an affiliate means you get paid a small percentage or a set amount for sending customers (“leads”) to a business or company.

For example, you could write a review article over your favorite clothing store, and let’s say you had previously been approved to be an affiliate for that company through a service like ShareASale or FlexOffers. You add some links to the article and let’s say some of your readers click on the links you provide in your article. The readers then go and purchase from that company or sign up for a service. Depending on the affiliate agreement, you may earn from each reader you send, or each reader that purchases, using your link on your blog.

Website Hosting

Many bloggers promote website hosting companies because it’s something they’re familiar with as a blogger, plus these affiliates offer high commission rates. These companies are vital for hosting a website or blog. Here are the most popular web hosting companies, but we suggest you only promote the ones you actually use:

  • Bluehost [$60 – $160 per sale] – One of the most popular hosting platforms due to their low costs, but also because of the high affiliate payout. This is a favorite among many bloggers. In fact, it’s even the hosting service we use here Wallet Squirrel.
  • Kinsta [up to $500 per sale + 10% recurring] – This hosting service was specifically designed for WordPress so it’s ideal for bloggers. However, this premier hosting platform also comes with a bit higher price tag monthly. Overall though, it’s a great service if you have the extra cash and their affiliate program is hard to beat!
  • Hostgator [$125 per sale] – Hostgator has been around for a while. They an affiliate program, but it’s tiered. Meaning for the first 1-5 signups you get $65, then the next 6-10 you get $75, so on until $125. This plan is ok if you get LOTS of signups, but unless you’re a giant website, it’s not likely.
  • Hostinger [60% per sale] – The lesser-known Lithuania hosting service has an impressively designed website and low costs. Their affiliate program is based on a percentage so it has big upside potential if people are making large sales.
  • iPage [$150 per sale] – We started with iPage when we first created Wallet Squirrel. It’s a great platform and has drastically increased their affiliate program since we left. They now boast an impressive $150 per sale.
  • WP Engine [$200 per sale or 100% of first-month payment] – WP Engine has grown immensely popular over the last couple of years. That could be because of their service, and their mega $200 per sale affiliate program.


Having a good eCommerce affiliate partner is vital whether you want to share popular books, kids’ clothes, or nanny cams with your audience. When you have a good eCommerce partner, you can make a commission off all your recommended products.

  • Amazon [avg. 2% per sale] – Amazon will be on every list as it’s one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms that offer affiliate links. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program. The commissions have lessened over the years, but their product inventory is second to none.
  • Shopify [20% signup recurring] – This is an impressive platform that powers over 500,000 businesses online. They offer 20% recurring affiliate commissions.
  • BigCommerce [200% new customer 1st-month revenue] – Similar to Shopify, BigCommerce helps people build their own eCommerce platforms for their businesses. For those who sign up with BigCommerce, there is either $1,500 per enterprise customer or 200% of the customer’s first month’s payment.
  • Walmart [1-4% per sale] – While Amazon is one of the largest known eCommerce platforms, Walmart has grown an impressive online empire and maintain the title of the largest physical retailer in the United States. They offer 1-4% per sale.
  • online empire and maintain the title of the largest physical retailer in the United States. They offer 1-4% per sale.

Search Engine Optimization Tools (SEO)

These are the tools that help optimize your website for Google and other popular search engines. They inform you how often phrases are searched for, how much traffic other websites are getting, and what keywords your competitors are using. If you’re a blogger, SEO tools take your blog from beginner to advanced.

  • SEMrush [30% recurring per new user] – A popular SEO tool to find competitor SEO keywords and traffic statistics. They also offer 30% of the monthly revenue as long as a new user stays signed up.
  • SpyFu [40% recurring per new user] – This online tool allows you to track the keywords and SEO practices of your competitors. It’s a helpful tool that offers a 40% recurring commission.

Email Marketing

If you own a website, the first thing on Day 1 is to start your email list. Here are a couple of email marketing services that offer affiliate programs if anyone signs up through your website.

  • Convert Kit [30% recurring per new user] – One of the best email services for bloggers. They offer 30% recurring revenue every month a user maintains a paid ConvertKit account.
  • GetResponse [33% recurring per new user] – Another email marketing service, but they offer one of the highest affiliate commissions at 33% recurring commission.
  • Aweber [30% recurring per new user] – This is another popular email service often compared to Convertkit and Mailchimp. They offer a 30% recurring affiliate commission.
  • Pabbly [30% recurring per new user] – Offers email marketing, subscription billing, form building and email verification tools. This popular service offers a 30% recurring affiliate commission per new signup.
  • Moosend [30% recurring per new user]– A comprehensive email marketing tool that also offers landing pages, automation, lead generation and a high level of personalization. This service provides the typical 30% recurring commission for email services.

Social Media Management

Social Media is vital for any website, influencer, or aspiring entrepreneur. Here are some of the most popular social media management tools that make social media a breeze and offer an affiliate program.

  • Tailwind [15% per sale] – The #1 social media tool for Pinterest offers 15% per sale. Sign up for their program through Share-A-Sale.
  • Sprout Social [17% per sale] – Popular social media management platform offers 17% commission per signup. Sign up on Skimlinks, Viglink, Flex Offers of CJ Affiliate.
  • SocialPilot [30% recurring per user] – They have been around a long time, and built a great reputation. This along with their 30% recurring affiliate commission, make them a great choice to use.
  • PromoRepublic [tiered plan] – A great social media tool, but we find it best for larger blogs or businesses. They offer a tiered plan offering more from the more sales you make, up to 35+ sales.
  • Ninja Outreach [20% recurring per user] – A helpful platform that allows you to track social media influences contact info and email-based on their social media handles. Ninja Outreach offers a 20% recurring commission.

Photos, Awesome Graphics and Video

Every website is immediately judged based on how it looks. Better-looking websites will immediately become more popular and better respected. This is where stock photos and stock videos can make your website and social media stand out!

  • GettyImages [20% per sale] – Top quality photos and video with a 10% affiliate commission for existing customer and 20% for new customers
  • Shutter Stock [20% per sale] – Equally great photos and video, but at slightly reduced prices. Shutter Stock offers a standard 20% affiliate commission.
  • iStockPhoto [20% per sale] – Is one of the more reasonably priced stock photo and video sites. iStockPhoto offers an affiliate commission of 20% for new customers and 10% for existing customers.
  • Canva [$36 per new user] – Allows anyone to create great-looking graphics for your website and social media. It’s very reasonably priced, easy to use, and offers $36 per user sent their way!

Additional Impressive Website Affiliates

There are a number of incredible website tools that offer affiliate commissions that simply can’t be put into a certain category. Here are some of the other Website Affiliates!

  • Leadpages [30% recurring per user] – One of the most popular landing page and form builders. They offer a 30% recurring commission.
  • ClickFunnels [40% recurring per user] – Much link Leadpages, they offer a popular page builder. Yet for affiliates, they offer a slightly larger payout at 40% recurring commission.
  • Instapage [50% recurring per user] – Another popular landing page builder, Instapage offers 50% recurring commissions for the first year, and 30% for every year afterward.
  • Elegant Themes [50% recurring per user] – A popular WordPress theme library of nearly 100 great themes that are highly customizable. In addition, they offer great widgets/plugins that are all designed wonderfully. We specifically use their plugins here on Wallet Squirrel. They offer an impressive 50% recurring commission.
  • Envato Marketplace [30% per sale] – One of the largest libraries of WordPress themes, this is where we bought our theme for Wallet Squirrel. They offer a 30% commission per sale.
  • Go Daddy [17% per sale] – No website domain service is more popular than Go Daddy. It’s our go-to destination to identify available domain names for purchase. Plus they offer a 17% affiliate commission.
  • LastPass [25% per sale] – Managing a website, or multiple social media platforms is a headache with numerous passwords. LastPass provides a secure way to remember all your passwords and autofill features whenever logging in. This service also offers a 25% commission rate.
  • Buzzsprout [20% recurring per user] – If you’re a blogger or influencer, you’ll soon or eventually make the move into podcasting. One of the most well-known hosting platforms is Buzz sprout and they offer a 20% recurring commission.
  • Ezoic [3% recurring per user] – This is a popular ad platform for newer bloggers. They used to have a minimum 10,000 pageview requirement, but they do special promotion signups for bloggers with less. They pay much more and easier than Google AdSense. For each new user you sign up under their affiliate program, Ezoic shares 3% of their revenue.
  • Grammarly [$20 per sale] – A MUST tool for any writer (basically everyone). This helps correct spelling and grammar through any textbox on the web. It’s a great double check when writing and our lifeline here on Wallet Squirrel. Plus they offer $20 for every signup of their pro plan!

Best Affiliate Programs for Investing & Cryptocurrencies

  • Robinhood App [Avg $5 per user] – One of the most popular brokerage accounts for buying stocks offers a random free share of stock for every new signup through your affiliate link. We once received a free share of Apple. Their affiliate program is offered to anyone with an existing Robinhood account.
  • M1 Finance [$100 per user] – Another popular investing platform. M1 Finance combines low-cost investing with automation. In addition, they offer a $100 affiliate commission per new signup.
  • Acorns [$25 per user] – Roundup on your everyday purchases and Acorns automatically adds that extra change into your investment account. This has gained incredible popularity due to the ease and automation of investing. They also offer a nice $25 per new customer signup.
  • Personal Capital [$100 per user over $100,000 networth] – It’s both a great net worth tracking app as well as investing app. They offer an affiliate program distributing $100 for every sign-up with more than $100,000 in investable assets. Obviously, this doesn’t happen much.
  • Farm Together [$200 per user] – Forget stocks and bonds, Farm Together lets you invest in farmland. In addition, theyalso offer a nice $200 for new customers.

Finance & Credit Card Affiliate Programs

  • Bankrate Credit Cards – Their affiliate program lets you add credit card programs to your blog. Bankrate has a strict signup process due to the extra secruity of the finance industry but could be well worth it if you talk a lot about credit cards. Affiliate payouts depend on the credit card.

Best Affiliate Programs for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

  • Coinbase [$10 bitcoin per $100 Bitcoin purchased] – Popular cryptocurrency trading platform offers $10 of Bitcoin for every $100 of Bitcoin a user buys.
  • eToro [$200 per user] – Allows you to buy/sell cryptocurrencies as well as follow other popular traders to see what they are trading. This is another popular cryptocurrency exchange and offers $200 per lead.

Affiliate Programs for Earning Extra Money for Investing

  • Swagbucks [$5 per user] – A popular survey platform that allows users to make money per survey completed. The Swagbucks referral program offers $5 per signup but you must be registered. Register here for the $5 signup bonus.
  • Inbox Dollars [$5 per user] – Offering different surveys, this is another popular platform that rewards users with money for every survey completed. Inbox Dollars also offers a $5 per user signup bonus. Again you must be registered, and you can sign up here for the $5 signup bonus.
  • Survey Junkie [$30 per user] – No survey list will be complete without Survey Junkie. Another survey platform that monetarily incentivizes users to complete surveys. Survey Junkie offers $30 per user signup.
  • Rakuten [1-30% cashback] – Easy way to gain cashback on your normal purchases through their chrome extension. Rakuten (formally Ebate) offers 1% to 30% back on regular purchases. Here is a referral code to start getting cash back.
  • TaskRabbit [$4 per user] – Allows anyone to make money by completing tasks needed around their community such as delivering groceries, assembling IKEA furniture, or moving. In addition, Task Rabbit offers $4 per new signup.

Additional Finance Affiliate Programs

  • Kabbage [$250 per sale] – Provides small business loans for people across the United States. For every affiliate that signs up, they offer a $250 affiliate commission.
  • Wall Street Journal [$30 per sale] – A classic newspaper publication that has adapted well to the internet, the Wall Street Journal offers $30 per subscription.
  • Motley Fool [$120 per sale] – They have a great number of services ranging from Stock Recommendations, Stock Advisor and more. These offer affiliate commissions ranging from $112 to $120 per new customer signup.
  • TurboTax [15% per sale] – One of the top players in tax prep offers 15% commissions.


These affiliate programs are often popular among travel bloggers.  However, they can be used by any type of blog across the internet as experiences are exciting to write about. Here are some of the more popular travel affiliate programs.

  • Trip Advisor [50% per sale] – One of the world’s largest travel platforms offers 50% commissions. You can join their program directly through Trip Advisor or an affiliate network like CJ Affiliate.
  • Expedia [2-6% per sale] – You’ve surely seen their commercials. This popular online travel agency offers 2-6% affiliate commission per sale.
  • Travelocity [2-4% per sale] – Another one of the popular travel agencies, they offer a 2-4% affiliate payout per sale.
  • Priceline [3-5% per sale] – They offer all sorts of travel programs including flights, hotels, cruises and more. Their affiliate program offers 3-5% per sale.
  • [4% per sale] – has expanded from hotel reservations to vacation rentals, car rentals, flights and more. They offer a 4% commission per sale.
  • Cheap O Air [$25 per sale] – Well it’s cheap flights. CheapOAir offers $25 per sale.
  • Kayak [$0.05 per sale] – Another one of the more popular travel services. Kayak offers around a $0.05 commission rate.
  • Rosetta Stone [11% per sale] – If you’re traveling, you’re likely to encounter lots of different languages. The Rosetta Stone is one of the most well-known tools to master new languages. As for their affiliate program, they offer an 11% commission per sale.
  • Airbnb Experiences [25% per sale] – This isn’t for their house rentals, but their new experiences platform. They offer 25% affiliate commissions for this promotion.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a system by which a vendor pays affiliates for the conversions they referred.

Can you make money with affiliate programs?

Of course! You can definitely make decent money once you’re approved as an affiliate for a particular program.

Are all affiliate programs free to join?

Well, most of the programs cost nothing to join but there are some that require a small investment.

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