How To Get Verified On Facebook [Requirements & Bonus Tips]

facebook blue verification badge means Facebook has confirmed that the page or profile is the authentic presence of the public figure or brand it represents this does two things number

1. it gives your brand immediate credibility because people view the blue badge as a stamp of approval from Facebook to say hey this brand is legitimate.

2. if you get a lot of scammers that make duplicate fake pages of your brand trying to impersonate your brand the blue badge will be an instant signal to people that your page is the real page so how do you get verified on Facebook stick around to find out.

How To Get Verified On Facebook

So first let’s get very quickly about facebook badges I know we just defined the blue verification badge but some of you may be wondering about the old gray verification badge.

Do you guys remember this there was a gray badge that was a lot more attainable than the blue badge and if a business had the gray badge it meant that that business was confirmed as authentic?

By facebook from an application that they had filled out prior but Facebook did away with the gray badge a few years ago which leaves us with the blue verification badge so before we get into the verification process for it.

Requirements to get a facebook blue verification badge

let’s first talk about the requirements you must meet to even be eligible for it your page must meet these five criteria:

  1. you must adhere to facebook’s terms of service and community standards as well as have a profile photo cover photo and a page name that follows their guidelines.
  2. your page must be authentic meaning it must represent a real person registered business or entity
  3. Page must be complete meaning it must be public and have a bio profile picture and at least one post your profile cannot contain add me links to other social media services.
  4. your page must be unique meaning it must be the unique presence of the entity it represents generally one account per entity may be verified with exceptions for language specific accounts they said they don’t verify general interest accounts like puppy memes for example.
  5. your page must be notable meaning it must represent a well-known highly searched for individual brand or entity they review accounts that are featured in multiple news sources and they said that they don’t consider paid or promotional content as sources for review


Nowhere are a couple of other things to note that aren’t necessarily requirements but they are important to remember

  1. if you provide false ormisleading information during the verification process facebook has said they will remove your verified badge and may take additional action to delete your account so don’t do that.
  2. Your account represents a person you’ll need a copy of your official government issued photo identification like a passport driver’s license or national identification card to validate your request
  3. if your account represents an organization you’ll need a copy of a phone or utility bill a certificate of formation articles of incorporation or tax exemption documents
  4. even if your instagram account is verified and connected to your facebook page that does not mean that facebook will automatically approve your facebook verification application
  5. you’ll get the chance to include a few sentences explaining why the account should receive the verified badge and relevant urls that help illustrate the account’s notability so take advantage of that.

How to apply for Facebook verification

Fcacebook verification link

Click on the given link where you can apply for this. Then login to facebook page or profile you want to get verified from there you’ll need to choose from their list of drop downs and prompts selecting the choices that make the most sense for your business then down at the bottom you have a few open-ended questions including the option to send five links that show your page or profile is in the public interest for instance we put a link to our feature on cnbc’s show.

The profile a link to our company profile showing that we made the 2020 inc 5000s list of the fastest growing companies worldwide a link to our news feature on cheddar as well as a few articles we’ve been mentioned in including forbes

After you click send you will land on a page basically turns your application submission into a support conversation in case you want to send anything else so we’ll see what they say if they don’t approve your verification then you can reapply in 30 days

Tips facebook gives about what you can do

1. Use the description in your page or accounts bio to tell visitors about who you are

2. Use stories to provide abehind-the-scenes look into your life encourage your followers to tag you so people can see you interacting with others

3. Lastly link to your account from your official website instagram page youtube or twitter account.

How to Apply for Facebook Page Verification

You can apply for Facebook page verification in five simple steps:

Step 1: Visit your Facebook page and click on Settings at the top of your Facebook Page

Step 2: From the General menu, click the Page Verification selection

Facebook Page Verification Process

Step 3: Click on Verify this Page, then Get Started

Step 4: Here, you’ll have two choices: the option to go for instant verification or a more detailed verification process.

The instant verfication by Facebook is done through a call in which you’ll be given a verification code. The code has to be entered into the box Facebook provides you with. Once that’s done, Facebook will verify your page with the appropriate verification badge.

Step 5: If you’d like to opt for a more detailed verification process, you need to click on Verify this Page with Documents Instead. You’ll be asked to upload a picture of the official document that clearly shows you company’s name and address.

Facebook will then review the document and confirm or deny your request. This process usually takes anywhere from 2 to 45 days.

Importance of followers or page likes

Now one thing that they don’t really talk about there is the importance of followers or in this case page likes your follower account i believe plays a part in how facebook views your credibility and public presence in other words i think it helps to have a few so one thing you can do:-

Is head to your facebook ads manager and create a campaign specifically to increase your facebook page likes just click engagement

Why need to advertise?

You normally would in setting up your ad campaign in the ad set and ad levels but what choosing the page like campaign means is when you select your target audience facebook will specifically show your ad to people within that target audience who are the most likely to like your page based on what facebook knows about them and their behavior patterns so that’s why facebook page like campaigns are so effective

sometimes when you hear people talking about paying for page likes you think about people buying bots or fake followers by the thousands that’s frowned upon and that’s not what we’re suggesting here using the facebook page like campaign is an effective and recommended way to grow your facebook page likes like for instance

all you’re paying for is the extended reach to put the ad in front of them so if you feel like you’re doing everything else right in the verification process.

But still getting rejected that might be something you can try to strengthen your credibility in facebook’s eyes quick question for you have you already tried getting verified before comment yes if you’ve submitted your application.

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